Who Is Ms Scarlet?

Ms Scarlet isn’t like other women.

She’s uninhibited yet measured. She walks the line and you best never cross it. You shiver at just the glint of her eye. The glint lets you know she has culture, she’s knowing and has just the right temperament. There is a mystery, a secret about her.

She’s charming, witty, unassuming and knows what she wants. She always orders cherries in her cocktail, but she never takes a bite. She’s cool, calm and collected. She is seductive but selective. There is no taming her.

She is Ms Scarlet.

What's On


Scarlet Blaze (Signature)
chambord, triple sec, vodka, lemonade, lime juice

Grey Goose 50/50
grey goose, soda water, lime slices

Maker’s Mark & Ginger
maker’s mark, ginger beer, lime slices

Patron & Grapefruit
patron silver tequila, grapefruit juice, grapefruit slice

Perfect Ginger
sailor jerry, bitters, ginger beer, lime slices